During the years between the 17th and 19 centuries an orangery was a building found in the gardens of the most fashionable and prestigious homes. Proud owners would delight in showing their guests what was then not only an architectural masterpiece but also a symbol of wealth.

Nowadays the orangery is within the reach of everyone who has the space and who wishes to extend their home combining the benefits of an extension and a conservatory and the feel is one of warmth in the winter, cooler than a conservatory in the summer and a definite air of permanency.


The insulated cavity walls are constructed with bricks to match (or as near as possible) the house, the glass in the windows is Planitherm low `e` toughened glass to ensure maximum insulation. The internal walls can either be plastered or left in rustic brick to suit the individual.

The roof can be constructed from either special comfort blue, self cleaning, gas filled toughened glass or a variety of polycarbonate, roof vents are available to be operated remotely, manually or by a sensor.

The internal ring beam cover can be enhanced by the addition of downlighters giving an intimate glow to the interior, they can also be added to the external structure completing the effect. Doors can be bi-folding, French or sliding, all made to the highest standards of security and resilience.

A number of flooring options is available for discussion depending on the intended use of the room. It can be used for all number of purposes, maybe a playroom, teenager/granny annexe, dining room, office etc the uses are endless. Each orangery is bespoke to suit the individual’s home, taste and budget.

There is no doubt that an orangery from Weatherguard Developments will add space, style and value to any home.